Blanca Salazar, a tireless worker, is currently focused on health and believes in love and its consequences. She was born in Mexico City, raised in Guadalajara, and now lives in Chapala where she directs an holistic center, Respiro Wellness Center, where she combines physical, mental and emotional therapies promoting the attainment of inner peace. She offers spiritual retreats, talks and personal development workshops.

Beginning her career in computer science and then several passionate years in sales, her life took a major turn when she found herself facing serious health problems. She found in alternative medicine and emotional release therapies not only a way to heal herself but also a new path in her professional life when she recognized in these techniques a fertile field in which to sow optimism by promoting changes in mental attitude. In her various wanderings, always in search of the magic formula of happiness, she uses her free time studying, seeking to learn more about philosophy and how to complement her work with a happy life. Her priority is to serve and her greatest ability is to find the good side of things. She now considers herself a "Healer of Hearts”

She is a disciple of different masters encountered in her study of emotional intelligence and neuro-linguistic programming, an interesting path to personal development.

?Practitioner of love and gratitude, she exploits the power of the mind to create a better reality. She spends much of her time sowing dreams in the hearts of people and cleansing their minds of fears, anger and frustration, knowing from her own experience that the battle is waged every day and finding in responsible freedom a discipline that generates respect.

She promotes the daily practice of giving the best of herself and observing the best in others, transmitting love, security and confidence to anyone who allows it.

She brings 15 years of continuous studies and professional practice in various alternative therapies such as Music Therapy, Reiki, Crystal Therapies, Shiatsu, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage and Foot and Emotional Reflexology and is also certified as Heal Your Life Teacher by Hay House to practice and teach the loving philosophy of Louise Hay: HEAL YOUR LIFE.

Her experience as a Life Coach has lead her to discover that the mental program is key to enjoying a healthy and happy life.